Despite the economists, there are always jobs!

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Tweet Despite the economists, there are always jobs! Who do you believe in a job search at present? The economists or the reality of the volume of job adverts and job boards? If you believe the former, then you are probably missing employment opportunity. Yet, if you tested the jobs market in the right way, […]

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UK Unemployment: January 2010

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Tweet UK Unemployment: January 2010 The Office of National Statistics released the UK Unemployment data today, and it contained a small shock: unemployment fell by 7,000, the first fall in 18months. Total unemployment stood at 2.46 million for the three months to November, down 7,000 on the figure for the previous three months. It ends […]

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UK Pre Budget Report: A budget for jobs?

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Tweet UK Pre Budget Report: A budget for jobs? UK Chancellor Alistair Darling’s British Pre-Budget Report included a number of initiatives which will affect the employment market. But are the overall measures positive or negative on employment? UK Pre Budget Report The measures announced were: All national insurance rates to rise by a further 0.5% […]

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No Job

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Tweet No Job Leah asks: I am depressed there ain’t no jobs out there! I have been searching for work now a year and I have got some good qualifications and complete drive to go back to work. But not one response. I have changed my CV three times! Why can’t I get a job? […]

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Army Careers?

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Tweet Army Careers This evening, the BBC’s popular magazine programme The One Show had as its first article, the former ITV Loose Women presenter and notable journalist Kaye Adams reporting from Bridgend, on the issue of the British Armed Forces recruiting in economically deprived areas. Adams interviewed two mothers – one of a soldier killed […]

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