CV Writing: career positioning

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Tweet CV Writing: career positioning When CV Writing, many think tactically about what goes where and what they should insert/invent to fill out the sections they have created. This approach from the start creates holes in their job application, which even the inexperienced HR administrator or recruiter could pick up on very quickly. The problem […]

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Job Application: Mensa Membership

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Tweet Job Application: Mensa Membership William, a software writer, asks: Is it a good idea to include Mensa membership on my CV? I know that you have answered this question in a previous post, but the type of work is Software Testing which is a job that is greatly enhanced by intellect, ie: a piece […]

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Things you should include in your CV/resume – to get the job!

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What things should you include in your CV/resume? This short article shows you what to include, and what no to

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Is CV/Resume writing really about opinion?

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Tweet Professional CV David asks: So much of CV/Resume writing is about opinion – what should or should not be on a resume – for IT management, should certain things be or not be on the resume? For example, I have had 9 books published, should I list them? Professional references, should they be listed? […]

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The visual CV or online Resume

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Tweet The visual CV/Resume is a modern internet format of the classical printed on wood pulped paper CV/Resume – but is it necessarily better, or ideal? In simplicity, a visual CV/Resume is an online version of your paper CV/Resume. So, you might be thinking then that you just upload your existing MSWord version, and life […]

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