LinkedIn: CV/Resume Killer?

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Tweet LinkedIn: CV/Resume Killer? I have seen a lot of posts and commentary around recently saying that the CV/resume is dead, and long live your LinkedIn Profile. Now as a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, was I ever going to agree with this? Well yes, in part, but the simplistic headline doesn’t tell the whole […]

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Lying on CV? Dave’s Suit says Yes!

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Tweet Lying on CV? Dave’s Suit says Yes! NB: this blog and the law say strongly, NO! To coincide with tonights launch on UK television channel Dave of the hit US drama Suits, the channel decide to investigate the amount of lying that typical UK Job Seekers think or deem necessary in the present job […]

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Job application: rejection in your CV?

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Tweet Job application: rejection in your CV? When job seekers make a job application, and are rejected, many think that its probably in their Professional CV that the problem lies. But, on reflecting on a variety of statistics and personal experiences, I will happily tell you today that the problem is probably not in your […]

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CV Advice

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Tweet CV Advice When job seekers look for CV Advice, what are they looking for and where should they look? Most often, they are seeking CV Advice on How to Write a CV, or secondly seeking advice on why their CV Writing is not gaining the right number of job interviews, and hence job offers. […]

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