Professional CV: customer confidentiality

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Tweet Professional CV: customer confidentiality Sam, a software developer, asks: How specific can you be in your CV when talking about projects you have worked on? I am looking to updating my Professional CV and personal website with details of projects I have worked on for external clients in my current role. Is it okay […]

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Identity Theft Scams

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Tweet Identity Theft Scams Claire, an unemployed bank worker, asks: Identity fraud, do you think i should be worried about this, is this an Identity Theft Scam? I put my CV up on monster jobs, a jobs board. It has been up there for over a year now. I forgot about it until I recently […]

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Why PDF will get you employed over MSWord

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Tweet Why PDF will get you employed over MSWord Many job application systems these days are based online, and in the recruiter side of the employment business, technology has huge gains in efficiency and cost of operations. But there is one simple technology choice you can make in your job application which will mean you […]

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Qualifications: James Bond?

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Tweet Qualifications: James Bond? The world of spying and that of employment rarely cross, but it occurs to me that today many spies are far more exposed thanks to the ease of verifying qualifications. When to do so successfully now definitively needs the power and authority of a national government, why do a number of […]

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Job Application Addresses

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Before just filling out your address on a Job Application or in your CV, perhaps with security in mind you should be aware of the options you have?

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