Future jobs killer…

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Tweet Future jobs killer… One of the key issues when selecting which jobs to apply for, is to know what new technologies are coming down the development track. When testing a market for employability, our guide has always been to look for 50 jobs. You can get employed with less, but 50 says bouyant employable […]

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JSA + Expenses = Below Minimum Wage?

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Tweet JSA + Expenses = Below Minimum Wage? The governments welfare to work programme seems like a wise idea: get unemployed people back to work, by putting them in work and hence giving them the idea of doing work. After a short while, they move on to doing other better paid work. But yesterday leading […]

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The economy’s down, where are the jobs?

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Tweet The economy’s down, where are the jobs? If you are educated, everywhere… There’s a lot of economic data that comes our way in January, and at the end of it there is the annual shagri-la for the rich, famous and politically connected in Davos to talk about how they are going to save us […]

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A-Level Results 2011

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Tweet A-Level Results 2011 As a country, we’ve got education wrong… Today is the day in the UK when the A-Levels results are announced. Congratulations to those who got their required results, and please don’t give up hope those who didn’t quite get what they wanted. Life still goes on, you can still achieve your […]

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10 things to check about your future employer

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Tweet 10 things to check about your future employer When searching for a new job with your fresh new and Professional CV, do you ever checkout your potential future employer beyond noticing that they are advertising in your favourite jobs board? When you consider two key statistics, perhaps you need to do more than just […]

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