10 things to check about your future employer

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Tweet 10 things to check about your future employer When searching for a new job with your fresh new and Professional CV, do you ever checkout your potential future employer beyond noticing that they are advertising in your favourite jobs board? When you consider two key statistics, perhaps you need to do more than just […]

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They choose their employer

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Tweet They choose their employer… Image copyright of The Guardian Newspaper Group Ltd Like many British citizens, and friends around the world,  I have watched this week the unfolding of the quasi-political and legal story of the News of the World Phone Hacking affair. Its gone from: stupidity in 2006;  to two convictions in 2007; […]

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Career planning: pregnancy, maternity and children

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Tweet Career planning: pregnancy, maternity and children I have answered the question a number of times with female friends about Career planning, and how they should address the issues of pregnancy, maternity and children. So it seemed about time to put my thoughts into public. Most women when asking the question are concerned more about […]

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Lush Cosmetics Jobs

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Tweet Lush Cosmetics Jobs I was having a look at my Google Reader the other day (great tool for the job seeker), and found this question about applying for a job at Lush Cosmetics: Creative ideas for job application? So i went into town today looking for a job, i went into this place called […]

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How to hire a recruiter

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Tweet How to hire a recruiter I was talking to a friend this morning, who asked if I would speak to 200 SME business people next year about how to hire a recruiter. I thought this a quite simple and easy task which could be completed in around 30seconds, and not need a 30min slot […]

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