How to set up a Social Media based Job Search

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Tweet How to set up a Social Media based Job Search On many occasions, the first disappointment for any employer who receives a job application is how inappropriately the CV and whole job application is aimed at their job. Generally this is due to the candidate simply doing just “click to apply” and not worrying […]

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Relevant Experience

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Tweet Relevant Experience Andrea asks: Will this sound lame/sad on my CV? I have applied for a job at Apple, and in the job advert they say how they want people to be enthusiastic about their products. Do you think it would sound stupid/ lame/sad if I put “I am a Mac enthusiast!” on my […]

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Job Application Addresses

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Before just filling out your address on a Job Application or in your CV, perhaps with security in mind you should be aware of the options you have?

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Modern Job Search – the case of Neville Keithley

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Tweet Job Search If you are a Job Seeker or a student of modern media, then by now you – or may not have – heard of Neville Keithley. Oh, you haven’t heard of him? You are probably not the only one, but his story has a series of lessons for the modern job seeker. […]

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Should Social Media information be a reason for job rejection?

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Tweet Social Media photo credit: mandiberg Tony asks: I’ve just had an argument with one of my friends who works for the HR dept of her company for disqualifying a candidate, not because of his rich experience, great educational background or excellent references but rather the things she happened to dislike that were on his […]

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