Political Jobs: State Opening of Parliament

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Tweet Political Jobs: State Opening of Parliament Today, is the first day of the year, apparently. You didn’t know? Well, today is the State Opening of Parliament, the traditional start of the political year. You have to wonder whether MP’s in their safe political jobs have learnt anything in 2009, when the start of their […]

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Unemployment: Welsh rarebit

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Tweet Unemployment: Welsh rarebit The UK unemployment statistics were released this week, and looking through them they make grim reading. Across the UK, 220,000 jobs were lost in June 2009, taking unemployment to 2.43 million – the highest level since the summer of 1995. Effectively, the UK lost 100,000 jobs per month from November 2008 […]

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Army Careers?

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Tweet Army Careers This evening, the BBC’s popular magazine programme The One Show had as its first article, the former ITV Loose Women presenter and notable journalist Kaye Adams reporting from Bridgend, on the issue of the British Armed Forces recruiting in economically deprived areas. Adams interviewed two mothers – one of a soldier killed […]

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Racial Discrimination in Employment

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Tweet Racial Discrimination in Employment It is personally disapointing to return to the subject of Racial Discrimination in Employment, but unfortunately I think it is wholly appropriate. “Civil servants send out bogus CVs” Since the start of the year, in the middle of the worst economic crisis since 1929, the Department of Work and Pensions […]

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Skills in the recession? Not likely!

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Tweet Skills in the Recession photo credit: Alex France As a bit of a politico – I love the cut and thrust of the debate, and the fact it affects every part of our lives – I was quickly captivated by the Opposition debate in the House of Commons yesterday, entitled Skills in the Recession. […]

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