HP Officejet Pro 8500

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Tweet HP Officejet Pro 8500 green, and far better than expected In early June, I was asked to take part in a trial by marketing and PR company Edelman of the HP OfficeJet Pro 8500. As my home office based HP d145 was getting a bit old, I was positive, but had wanted a LaserJet. […]

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Market your Key Skills

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Tweet Key Skills One of the key tactics to writing a job winning and Professional CV is to market your key skills, by putting them front and centre. Employers love job applicants who show them that they have not only the required skills for the advertised job, but also key skills for being a great […]

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Showing team work and leadership on a CV

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Tweet Team Work and Leadership Francis asks: What hobby/sport could I take up, which would show “team work” on a CV – when I’m bad at sport? I was always rubbish at sport at school! I was never into football and I’ve never fancied being beaten up in rugby. I like meeting up with friends, […]

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What interests should I put on CV for a flight attendant?

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Tweet CV Interests Julie asks: I am wondering what interests should I put for cv as a flight attendant… I have already put a few but it seems too little. Thank you in advance! In answer: I think a better question is, do you need to include any interests at all? If they add skills […]

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CV Interests

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One of the most often asked questions when writing a CV is on the CV Interests section. Quite often people are unsure as to what to add here, let alone how to write it. The bottom line is that an interests section is optional. Most bland internet templates include an interests section because they can be quite useful to school leavers and early careers, and templates have to be applicable to many different readers and job seekers.

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