Best way to contact an employer?

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Many job interviews, no job offers

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Tweet Many job interviews, no job offers Mary asks: I am a teacher, and am having no luck in landing a job. I am getting a good ratio of job interviews, but in 10 so far have not been offered one job. What am I doing wrong, what could I do to improve my performance? […]

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Reference: when in a job application?

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Tweet Reference: when in a job application? John, a job seeker in sales, asks: I am in a good job at present, but looking to move soon. My question is, when should I seek to line up my references? Most of my old bosses/employers have moved on or gone out of business. Approaching some of […]

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Elevator Pitch

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Tweet Elevator Pitch You may not have heard of it before, but I know from the results we see through our Professional CV service, that creating an Elevator Pitch is the most important step you can take in CV Writing or winning your Job Search. Why? What if you had a statement – known as […]

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Telephone Interview: salary question

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Tweet Telephone Interview: salary question Mike asks: I just completed a telephone interview, my first interview with that company. I was asked what my salary was in my previous position. I explained that I did not wish to disclose that at this time, but would be willing to discuss compensation should we move further along […]

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