The Group Interview – Multiple Interviewers, One Candiate, One Room

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Tweet Sabine asks: I’m wondering why some employers choose to do group interviews with candidates instead of 1-1’s. Is it a matter of efficiency or is there another impetus for conducting an interview in this format? I recently had one where I sat with 3 interviewers at the same time, I wasn’t expecting it – […]

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Why are candidates asked to "list main weaknesses"?

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Tweet Jane asks: Why are candidates asked to “list main weaknesses”? The question itself is intimidating, instantly puts people on the defensive, and encourages people to lie. Has anybody ever revealed a serious weakness in response to the “weaknesses” question, that was hidden throughout the rest of the interview? It seems that asking people “What […]

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Commenting on your boss in an interview

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Tweet Commenting on your boss in an interview Priya asks: When you are interviewing for a position, and are asked about your previous manager ,why do you think the answer should always be a positive one? In answer: Simply – people like to hire people that are always a part of the solution, not a […]

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Interview tips – with a presentation….

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Tweet Interview photo credit: laverrue Jason asks: Following a successful application/CV, I am now looking forward to an interview tomorrow afternoon for a fund raising job. The structure of the interview from their letter is as follows: 2.55pm Arrive at reception for interview 3.00pm Interview begins 3.45pm Interview ends The first thing I have to […]

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Want that job? Don’t rely on your lucky but unwashed pants…..

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Tweet Interview Technique This survey from employment law specialists Peninsula came across my desk this morning – oh, what a laugh! Of the 3024 workers interviewed, the survey found that……84% of respondents wear what they believe is, something lucky to get them through a job interview with 6 in 10 of these wearing lucky underwear. […]

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