IT Jobs board?

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Tweet IT jobs board? Chris, a systems analyst, asks: Do you know an IT job website that doesn’t involve going through employment or recruitment agencies? I am fed up of having to convince every agent I speak to that I can do the job – just want them to send off my Professional CV! In […]

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IT Professional CV

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Tweet IT Professional CV The IT Professional CV is the instrument by which many IT Professionals will advance their career. It therefore requires an amount of attention and effort to create the right document However, many of those we see in review in our Professional CV Help service, suffer the same old problems, and resultant […]

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IT Jobs

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Tweet IT Jobs One of the most interesting sectors in which to work from a personal view point is IT. Apart from the fact my background is in IT and Telecommunications, IT Jobs are exciting because: It is leading edge technology, which is still an expanding sector This makes IT expensive, and resultantly there is […]

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Migrant Worker UK IT Jobs?

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Tweet Migrant Worker UK IT Jobs? Pratan asks: I just qualified MCSE at an English-based institute, but I am told now that I can’t apply for any jobs in the UK because I only have a student visa. When I do a search online, I do find good ones at least for a start, but […]

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IT Jobs Code Samples

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Tweet IT Jobs Code Samples Katherine asks: When IT employers ask for code samples, what are they expecting? How long, how complex? In answer: It depends: why not ask the employer? Software Writers or Coders come in four forms: creators, efficiency improvers, maintainers – and systems designers. This type of question is designed to prove […]

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