No Job

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Tweet No Job Leah asks: I am depressed there ain’t no jobs out there! I have been searching for work now a year and I have got some good qualifications and complete drive to go back to work. But not one response. I have changed my CV three times! Why can’t I get a job? […]

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How to hire a recruiter

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Tweet How to hire a recruiter I was talking to a friend this morning, who asked if I would speak to 200 SME business people next year about how to hire a recruiter. I thought this a quite simple and easy task which could be completed in around 30seconds, and not need a 30min slot […]

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Relevant Skills

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Tweet Relevant Skills Maria, a Pharmacology Finance Analyst, asks: I recently had an interview for a business analyst position in a PMO. I mentioned that I had been a teacher something not on my CV, and the PMO director suggested I should put it on my CV, because he thought it was valuable experience, but […]

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Employer reference?

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Tweet Employer reference? Carole asks: My prospective employer has withdrawn his offer as my previous employer put the wrong dates down on my employment reference. I was deputy manager in the care sector (Mar 07) then promoted to manager 7 months later (Oct. 08-present). I was given a verbal and then written offer of a […]

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Dating Recruitment Agencies

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Tweet Dating Recruitment Agencies Why recruitment is just like dating Recruitment, I have to say, is an odd world in which to choose to work. Firstly, and thankfully, its about people – mostly. Secondly, its about huge lumps of legislation, affecting how, who and in which way you can recruit and then employ people: much […]

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