How do you demonstrate your ability to learn new software to a potential employer?

- construction jobs, CV Writing, Job Application, Job Interview, resume writing

Tweet David asks: I recently had a phone interview with a company that I would love to work for, as an entry level project controls junior in construction. During the interview it was mentioned that the company uses Primavera extensively – I have experience with MicroSoft Project, a product similar to Primavera. A friend sent […]

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How valuable will be PRINCE2 certification if PMP certification has already been acquired from PMI?

- Job Application, project management, Qualifications

Tweet Rani asks: How valuable will be PRINCE2 certification if PMP certification has already been acquired from PMI? In answer: A great technical question, the answer to which is – depends! Also for the non-project managers, Prince2 is a process, where as PMP is a professional level recognition. PMP and the PMI is not as […]

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How to show technical college coursework and skills on a CV/resume?

- CV Writing, graduate cv, Job Application, resume writing

Tweet Rick asks: I’m completing my degree in Operations Management and Supply Chain, and currently working on my resume. My concentration courses are quite technical (statistics, computer models, etc) and do not really have self-explanatory titles, unless the person who reads my resume has similar technical skills. Should I include a sentence or two to […]

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Move to a new area – how do I find a job?

- Job Application, job hunting

Tweet Kate asks: My husband and I live in the Pacific Northwest and in the next year we want to move to Minneapolis/St Paul. I am a web developer with lots of experience in multiple environments and my husband is a Microsoft Systems Administrator with lots of experience with managing large number of users. What […]

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Do I need a cover letter for a McJob?

- cover letter, Job Application

Tweet Nick asks: I was going to write a cover letter for a part-time job at a coffee shop. But then I realized that they probably don’t care. Thoughts? In answer:Personally, I would drop the CV/Resume and just send a well written Cover Letter. Imagine you are the coffee shop manager, and from your morning […]

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