Second Interview Presentation

- Job Interview Presentation

Tweet Second Interview Presentation This is a typical Second Interview Presentation problem, but it is one that crops up again and again, particularly in these economically squeezed times. Here’s the readers question: Second Interview presentation question Doug, a customer services professional, asks: How do you handle hiring managers who ask for a detailed plan of […]

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How can I secure that job?

- Job Interview, salary negotiation

Tweet How can I secure that job? You have worked hard and applied in all the right ways with the right Professional CV, and managed to obtain a job interview. having got so close after such a long time, your next question is: How can I secure that job? I see this all the time, […]

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Job Interview: test and presentation

- Job Interview, job search, job seeking, Social Media

Tweet Job Interview test and presentation James, a job seeker, asks: I have an interview tomorrow, any advice? I have been unemployed for a while (5 months) finally I have an interview tomorrow (I had three last week but no reply). The job is SEO (search engine optimazation) they also give me a link of […]

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Job Application: Fired?

- Blog, Job Application, Job Application Rejection, Job Interview

Tweet Job Application: Fired? Kate, a life coach, asks: How should a client answer an interview question/fill out an application if they have been fired? The person I am working with feels they were wrongly fired from a company due to a personality conflict with a manager. When asked at a job interview why he […]

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Many job interviews, no job offers

- Blog, Job Interview, Job Interview Questions

Tweet Many job interviews, no job offers Mary asks: I am a teacher, and am having no luck in landing a job. I am getting a good ratio of job interviews, but in 10 so far have not been offered one job. What am I doing wrong, what could I do to improve my performance? […]

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