Career management – employers going bust or to India

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Tweet Career Management photo credit: 1suisse Glenn, an accountant, asks: In the past 15 years, 80% of my past employers either went out of business or outsourced most of the jobs to India and closed local operations. Those companies have had: 5 (private), 75 (private), 2200 (public), and 375 employees (public). With the exception of […]

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Employment lessons from Robbie Keane and Liverpool FC

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Tweet Employment lessons As a Liverpool FC fan, it was disappointing but inevitable that Robbie Keane left Anfield yesterday. The papers today suggest it was a poor decision by manager Rafael Benitez, but a decision to move from one organisation to another is always a joint decision by both employer and employee – so 50/50 […]

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Bunny Girls laid……… off!

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Tweet It’s a sad side kick of the credit crunch, but the redundancies made in the financial sector have resulted in a number of companies in subsidiary services and associated market – including Hugh Hefner’s Playboy empire laying off Bunny Girls – being forced in light of the down turn to make people redundant. The […]

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Declining an applicant due to geographic concerns?

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Tweet Remote Job Search photo credit: √oхέƒx™ Nechiele asks: Is it common practice to decline an offer of employment for a qualified candidate due to geographic concerns? I ask this because I have actively applied to several positions that I am well qualified for and have consistently been declined due to my location. I’ve gotten […]

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