Why you need a CV

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Tweet Why you need a CV Steve, a job seeker, asks: Why do you need a CV? Having been applying for jobs in the last few months, I am always asked to fill in a job application form; or if you email your CV, then they send you and application pack. I don’t understand why […]

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Why PDF will get you employed over MSWord

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Tweet Why PDF will get you employed over MSWord Many job application systems these days are based online, and in the recruiter side of the employment business, technology has huge gains in efficiency and cost of operations. But there is one simple technology choice you can make in your job application which will mean you […]

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Job Vacancies

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Tweet Job Vacancies Job Vacancies: do you know how to find them, or what the basic statistics are compared to the number of job adverts? If you don’t, then perhaps your job search will be improved if you just understand a little bit of the process behind how job vacancies are created and fulfilled. Creation […]

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