Workplace Bullying

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Tweet Workplace Bullying This weekends launch of a new version of a book by political journalist Andrew Rawnsley, and the relaunch of the Observer in a new format, all in the year of a UK general election have brought to the front pages of many newspapers the issues of Workplace Bullying. But, unfortunately the political […]

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Sex at work!

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Tweet Sex at work! Today is the last Friday before Christmas, a traditional night for many employers to arrange their office party. On the menu will be: fun, merryment, traditional Christmas meal, over indulgence on the alcohol, then bring on Noddie Holder and a dance floor! Plus it is the one time in the year […]

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Employment Dismissal

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Tweet Employment Dismissal Sarah asks: I am looking for work after employment dismissal, and need some help. I was dismissed from my last job as I didn’t meet the targets, was making mistakes as a result of being stressed, and was late on two occasions. So, in summary, I think that has also gone against […]

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Racial Discrimination in Employment

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Tweet Racial Discrimination in Employment It is personally disapointing to return to the subject of Racial Discrimination in Employment, but unfortunately I think it is wholly appropriate. “Civil servants send out bogus CVs” Since the start of the year, in the middle of the worst economic crisis since 1929, the Department of Work and Pensions […]

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Can you be sacked for looking for another job?

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Tweet Sacked Job Search photo credit: woodleywonderworks Rob asks: Can you be sacked for looking for another job? A friend of mine works nights and wants to go onto days as his wife is pregnant. His work wants him on nights and wont change anything for him so he has started to look for another […]

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