JSA + Expenses = Below Minimum Wage?

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Tweet JSA + Expenses = Below Minimum Wage? The governments welfare to work programme seems like a wise idea: get unemployed people back to work, by putting them in work and hence giving them the idea of doing work. After a short while, they move on to doing other better paid work. But yesterday leading […]

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London Riots: bringing the firm into disrepute

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Tweet London Riots: bringing the firm into disrepute photo credit: Peter G Trimming The recent London Riots, and the further acts of looting and criminality in other UK city locations, have brought forward many questions about our present UK Society: The young are disaffected: half of the people arrested so far are over the age […]

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How to deal with problems BEFORE they stop you getting employed

- Background Checks

Tweet How to deal with problems BEFORE they stop you getting employed I’ll mention this right up front, but everyone has a secret that they don’t want other people to know about. That’s why they are so worried by their Personal Profile. But, however small that secret, they all think that that secret will stop […]

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Thank You and Goodbye…

- Employment, Employment Law, Employment News

Tweet Thank You and Goodbye… An employment view perspective 200*jobs and 1*brand sacrificed to save 1*management and 1*Satellite TV deal Image copyright of The Guardian Newspaper Group Ltd Today is the last day of publication of the News of the World, the News International and News Corp British Sunday tabloid newspaper. I wrote a piece […]

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Employment Law: Facebook

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Tweet Employment Law: Facebook The modern trend of social media never fails to surprise or disappointment me. The latest shows that home insurers are now taking your Facebook profile into account when assessing your home insurance risk. But it was with regards HR and employment issues that I wrote Social Media Checklist, and the latest […]

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