LinkedIn: watch out who you connect to…

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Tweet LinkedIn: watch out who you connect to… LinkedIn is a wonderful resource, especially for job seekers, but you have to watch out who you connect to. At some point in this series I will do an article on LinkedIn Open Networkers, or LIONs as they are more commonly known, but this post focus on […]

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LinkedIn Profile Tips

- LinkedIn Profile Tips

Tweet LinkedIn Profile Tips Here are our top5 LinkedIn Profile Tips that will improve your LinkedIn Profile today. No.1 – Name and picture You are not credible and won’t be taken as such without both a full name and profile picture. Don’t leave them blank or use false items, and don’t use your company name […]

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Linkedin Recommendation Examples

- LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

Tweet Linkedin Recommendation Examples As part of our continuing Friday series on LinkedIn, I decided this week to focus on Linkedin Recommendation Examples. Why? To me personally this is out of sequence: LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn network: contact building and groups LinkedIn SEO LinkedIn recommendations (and examples of) But this is the one that people ask […]

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LinkedIn: profile statistics and settings

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Tweet LinkedIn: profile statistics and settings One of the aspects of LinkedIn that you ought to master is that of reading and hence using your LinkedIn Profile viewing settings and statistics. By doing so, you can: Improve your profile’s SEO Adjust your activity in Answers and Groups Gain new contacts, and hence business, quicker LinkedIn […]

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LinkedIn: Accepting Connection Requests

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Tweet LinkedIn: Accepting Connection Requests As an active member of LinkedIn and further a LinkedIn LION, it is often assumed that I am compelled to accept all LinkedIn connection requests. Not true, and no I don’t! When I first got “active” as opposed to “on” the LinkedIn platform, I built my network from under 500 […]

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