Just revise your LinkedIn Profile?

- LinkedIn, Marketing

Tweet Just revise your LinkedIn Profile? We are often asked to “just revise my LinkedIn profile,” but many potential customers are disappointed when they first see the price: pretty much the same as our CV Writing prices. I have learnt through some bitter experience that actually “just writing a LinkedIn profile” takes a lot more […]

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Twitter: #FollowFriday for UK #Jobs Seekers

- Employment, job search, Marketing, recruitment, tutorial

Tweet Twitter: #FollowFriday for UK #Jobs Seekers Twitter is the social media of the moment, and many tout it as the solution for UK Job Seekers. Twitter is a micro-blogging service, which you can think of as online mobile texting. You have 140 characters to say and send what ever you want. If people find […]

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I want to be an actor!

- career coaching, career management, career planning, Job Application, job hunting, job seeking, Legal, Marketing, professionalism, regulation

Tweet I want to be an actress photo credit: Tammy Manet Rose asks: I want to be an actress in movies. I am 13 how can i get into a movie? I have had some experience in theatre? How do I get noticed? I have been on websites but they have not helped. I want […]

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Modern Job Search – the case of Neville Keithley

- Article, career coaching, career management, career transition, Google CV, Job Application, job hunting, job search, job seeking, Marketing, Professional CV, professionalism, recruiters, recruitment, Social Media, tutorial, unemployment

Tweet Job Search If you are a Job Seeker or a student of modern media, then by now you – or may not have – heard of Neville Keithley. Oh, you haven’t heard of him? You are probably not the only one, but his story has a series of lessons for the modern job seeker. […]

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When marketing goes badly wrong…

- Marketing

Tweet In these modern times, it is often difficult to get traction for start-ups which are new into the market. Markets are crowded and there is much competition, so marketeers are forced to get more – creative. Often this leads to the use of what in modern terms be called “shock and awe” – in […]

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