Measuring the metrics is key to improving your job application success

- career transition, Education, Job Application, NGO/NFP

Tweet Sam asks: I’m 24 and have a degree and masters but can’t even get an interview from the jobs I am applying for, it’s really frustrating. I’m thinking maybe my application forms are rubbish because I have office experience and clearly done a lot of studying so I think I am suitable for the […]

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Measuring the desirability of a job applicant by salary history

- career transition, contract negotiation, credit crunch, How to Write a CV, Job Application Rejection, job hunting, job offers, NGO/NFP, resume writing, social networking

Tweet Salary Negotiation photo credit: a.drian Ron, an educator, asks: I would like to know why recruiters and HR Professionals measure the desirability of a job applicant by salary history? I can think of several very good reasons for salary history to be among the most unreliable measures of employee desirability. Here are a few: […]

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