Twitter Jobs Board

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Tweet Twitter Jobs Board? Twitter, the new mico-blogging service, seems to have developed a new breed of mini Jobs Boards. There are more and more of these services developing, and as a recruiter/CV writer, I thought it worth a short article on the experiences so far, and where I see this going. Twitter Twitter was […]

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Job search – If I can’t find you, I can’t hire you

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Tweet Social Networking photo credit: Spencer E Holtaway The modern world and the internet brings many advantages to many people, and changes in the way in which opportunity is provided. Not least of these changed sectors is that of recruitment, where the rise of job boards such as Monster and WorkThing has brought about the […]

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The visual CV or online Resume

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Tweet The visual CV/Resume is a modern internet format of the classical printed on wood pulped paper CV/Resume – but is it necessarily better, or ideal? In simplicity, a visual CV/Resume is an online version of your paper CV/Resume. So, you might be thinking then that you just upload your existing MSWord version, and life […]

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What social media/networking sites are must-haves for job-seekers?

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Tweet Heidi asks: What social media/networking sites are must-haves for job-seekers? And how are they best used? I’m looking for two-part advice (a) your favourite connection sites and (b) how you use them to connect and promote yourself whether you’re looking for work or not. Thank you! In answer: A friend of mine is an […]

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