How to solve all CV Writing problems

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Tweet How to solve all CV Writing problems I’m sure that as a job seeker, you think that you are pretty unique. But I am also sure that like every other job seeker, you have a problem somewhere in your employment history, that is creating a CV Writing problem. This CV Writing problem you currently […]

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LinkedIn: profile statistics and settings

- LinkedIn

Tweet LinkedIn: profile statistics and settings One of the aspects of LinkedIn that you ought to master is that of reading and hence using your LinkedIn Profile viewing settings and statistics. By doing so, you can: Improve your profile’s SEO Adjust your activity in Answers and Groups Gain new contacts, and hence business, quicker LinkedIn […]

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Security Jobs

- Security Jobs

Tweet Security Jobs One of the fastest expanding sector of the employment market is Security Jobs. Why? Because there is an excess supply of ex-Military personnel coming onto the employment market, and secondly the combined expansion in both disorder in the UK (from clubs and bars to petty stealing and crime), and the resultant crack-down […]

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Dusting off an old CV

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Tweet Dusting off an old CV When new job seekers presently come to the market and start a job search, most of them think that employment is easy: Get old CV, and update Go to jobs boards, apply Get employed! Now, except for the fact that i the western world we have some of the […]

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CV Template UK

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Tweet CV Template UK Many job seekers look for CV Templates from which they can: Copy and follow the given layout Get a guide as to what to write in their own Professional CV However, what surprises me as a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, is the number of people searching for CV Templates UK, […]

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