LinkedIn: Accepting Connection Requests

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Tweet LinkedIn: Accepting Connection Requests As an active member of LinkedIn and further a LinkedIn LION, it is often assumed that I am compelled to accept all LinkedIn connection requests. Not true, and no I don’t! When I first got “active” as opposed to “on” the LinkedIn platform, I built my network from under 500 […]

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Tesco Jobs

- Tesco Jobs

Tweet Tesco Jobs Last week, after we did Asda Jobs, we have had so many requests that I do the other big retail companies that I mentioned, so here this week is Tesco Jobs. Tesco background As I said last week, one of the things that always amazes me about the least successful jobs seekers, […]

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Second Interview Presentation

- Job Interview Presentation

Tweet Second Interview Presentation This is a typical Second Interview Presentation problem, but it is one that crops up again and again, particularly in these economically squeezed times. Here’s the readers question: Second Interview presentation question Doug, a customer services professional, asks: How do you handle hiring managers who ask for a detailed plan of […]

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Important Skills that Employers want

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Tweet Important Skills that Employers want Last week we put up a post about the Top 10 Skills that Employers want. It casued so much interest, that we dicided this week to follow up with another post about Importat Skills. Skills v Skills? As I pointed out in the last post on this subject, my […]

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Asda Jobs

- Asda Jobs, Job Application

Tweet Asda Jobs If you have been following this blog for a while, you will have noticed that Thursdays has turned into “how to apply for jobs at (organisation)” day, and today its the turn of Asda Jobs. When researching blogs, we use Google Adwords Research Tool to pick up on certain phrases, and what […]

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