Political Jobs: State Opening of Parliament

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Tweet Political Jobs: State Opening of Parliament Today, is the first day of the year, apparently. You didn’t know? Well, today is the State Opening of Parliament, the traditional start of the political year. You have to wonder whether MP’s in their safe political jobs have learnt anything in 2009, when the start of their […]

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Job Search: Costs

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Tweet Job Search Costs Have you ever considered the costs of a Job Search? No? Perhaps you should, because even if your job search is going well, your job search is costing you time and hence money. Firstly, lets put aside the cost of missed opportunity in the wages you are missing. The average UK […]

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Job Search: Employment in 24hrs

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Tweet Job Search: Employment in 24hrs Is it possible, in a job search, to get a job and be employed in less than 24hrs? Simply yes – here is how to do it in 8steps or less! A friend of mine rang me a few weeks back, and asked if I could help him. We […]

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IT Professional CV

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Tweet IT Professional CV The IT Professional CV is the instrument by which many IT Professionals will advance their career. It therefore requires an amount of attention and effort to create the right document However, many of those we see in review in our Professional CV Help service, suffer the same old problems, and resultant […]

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Telephone Interview: salary question

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Tweet Telephone Interview: salary question Mike asks: I just completed a telephone interview, my first interview with that company. I was asked what my salary was in my previous position. I explained that I did not wish to disclose that at this time, but would be willing to discuss compensation should we move further along […]

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