What are the differences in modern job application?

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Tweet What are the differences in modern job application? (Answer: its about tactics, not strategy!) If you read many articles about modern job search, then you will find two basic strands of thought, debate and often argument: It’s all about the tech: jobs boards, LinkedIn, Twitter It’s not really changed that much, except: the old […]

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Top 10 Skills that Employers want

- Skills Qualifications Experiences

Tweet Top 10 Skills that Employers want I often get asked, what are the top skills that employers want? As we are coming up to graduation season – post examination period for schools, colleges and universities, when most graduates actually start job seeking – I expect to get asked this question more and more over […]

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Social Media for Dummies: employment via donuts!

- Social Media

Tweet Social Media for Dummies: Employment via Donuts! We have been asked on a few occasions to recruit a “Social Media expert” by some recruitment clients, but so far as a recruitment agency we have not positioned – OK, failed – to do so. Why? Well, here’s my No.1 question on Social Media: does anyone […]

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Assessment Centre Tips

- Assessment Centre

Tweet Assessment Centre Tips Often, large corporates, retaillers and those who hire people in bulk such as the Armed Forces, will use Assessment Centres in their recruitment process. The point of these is to go beyond an online psyche test, and assess each job applicant in the organisations social environment. There is no standard “form” […]

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Speculative job application: eMail or letter?

- Job Application

Tweet Speculative job application: eMail or letter? It still worries me when I speak to current job seeker, and they ask questions like: When I send in a speculative job application, is it better to use eMail or letter? To which my respoce these days is: When you get junk mail from the local takeaway, […]

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