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Tweet Aldi Jobs We haven’t done of these for a while, but I was in a library earlier this week using a computer (the temp office printer/photocopier was broken), and saw a young man beside me apply for a Job at Aldi. So, here we go. History of Aldi ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG […]

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Get your Dream Job for £4

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Tweet Get your Dream Job for £4 I read with interest recently about how New York based copywriter Alex Brownstein got his dream job for £4 – well, $6 actually, but this is a UK based blog after all! What did he do? Knowing who he wanted to work for, he bought the names of […]

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Employment Klout?

- career change, Job Application, Social Media

Tweet Employment Klout? So, you want to get a job, and according to some new age hack writing from an Apple iPad in Silicon Valley, a number calculated by a three-year-old start-up corporation will affect your employability? Have you just lost a job according to your Klout score? The latest journalist to take a turn […]

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Employment law changes: April 2012

- Job Advertisement, Legal

Tweet Employment law changes April 2012 So, what was last week like for you? Get a new job, get made redundant, or were you in Jeremy Hunt or David Cameron’s position and get hounded by the press? Or, you could have been sat in the UK Supreme Court, watching the world of UK employment change […]

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My dream job just got advertised! Do you know what yours looks like?

- career management, career planning, career transition, Job Application, job search

Tweet My dream job just got advertised! Do you know what yours looks like? Should I be writing a blog today? Not sure, don’t think so, I should be filling out a job application for my dream job! But, when we start out by providing our Free CV Review service, and ask job seekers two […]

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