Social Media Checklist

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Tweet Social Media Checklist If you are a Job Seeker wondering why you got rejected, Or an Executive wondering why head hunters don’t call? Its probably because of your (or lack of…) Social Media footprint! Solve the problem TODAY with Social Media Checklist If you are a job seeker, a skilled worker, or an executive […]

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Career plan: talent development

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Tweet Career plan: talent development Brian, a technologist and project administrator at an investment bank, asks: I’ve been doing some research into the way my organisation looks at developing, nurturing and retaining it’s internal talent, and decided it would be a good idea to see other organisational approaches and what people expect. For this question, […]

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Career planning: pregnancy, maternity and children

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Tweet Career planning: pregnancy, maternity and children I have answered the question a number of times with female friends about Career planning, and how they should address the issues of pregnancy, maternity and children. So it seemed about time to put my thoughts into public. Most women when asking the question are concerned more about […]

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Employment: Blue Monday?

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Tweet Employment: Blue Monday? According to the Daily Mail and half the “intelligentsia” press, today is Blue Monday: the most depressing day of the year. They quote: If you think life is a grind and you’d rather be doing anything other than going to work, you’re not alone. Today is officially Blue Monday – the […]

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Worst CV ever?

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Tweet Worst CV ever? Kay, an HR manager, asks: As a hiring manager or recruiter, what was the WORST CV that you ever laid eyes on and why? I would say the worst I have ever seen (this was years ago) was hand written in pencil which compelled me no less to read on. It […]

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