Can I use my PGCE abroad?

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Tweet Can I use my PGCE abroad? Sally asks: Hi I am thinking of doing a PGCE Art and Design course next September. I was wondering that if I decide to travel after, could I use my PGCE in other countries? In answer: PGCE is a UK qualification, and its value overseas would need to […]

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Job Search: qualifications transfer

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Tweet Job Search: qualifications transfer Tauraz asks: I am a Overseas Qualified Pharmacist, but due to regulations in the UK, I cant practice as a Pharmacist. I completed a Masters degree in Business from a very reputed UK University and I have 3 months experience as a Territory Manager selling Speciality products (Vaccines-Hormones). I presently […]

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Job Centre: tools or techniques, but no jobs

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Tweet Job Centre: tools or techniques, but no jobs Since the start of the recession, and climbing unemployment figures, the focus of the media has been on two key economic issues: How quickly are the unemployed numbers rising? When will the economic recession end? We know from past data and recessions, that the first won’t […]

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PMP certification?

- career management, project management, Qualifications

Tweet PMP certification? Steve asks: How does one go about PMP certification? Basic steps please… In answer: We have blogged before about grants for getting Prince2 training and project management certification, but simply almost anyone can become a member of the Project Management Institute, so why not find a local chapter and join? The PMI […]

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Cambridge graduate?

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Tweet Cambridge graduate? Chin, the HR Manager for a Hong Kong based commercial organisation, asks: Some months ago, our company had a CV from an English man. This man was sent to a college of Cambridge University by RAF. He said he did physics course for 2 years there, which RAF tasked him in order […]

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