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Tweet Medical Job Sexism? photo credit: hans s The UK Medical Profession seems to have a problem with women doctors. How do I know this? Because since 2007, in their various college professional guises, they have issued a series of press releases based on the fact that more women are now entering the medical profession […]

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I quit my PhD Education – what should I write on my CV?

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Tweet Phd Education Carlotta asks: I quit my PhD halfway through and I’m concerned about how this will look on my CV. It was the best decision for me – I now work in publishing and am very happy to be out of academia – but I don’t want to come across as a quitter. […]

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Submission or convocation date would be considered date of completing Ph.D.?

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Tweet Suresh asks: I am confused to write this in my CV. Which of them: Thesis submission date or convocation date in which actual degree is awarded would be considered date of completing Ph.D.? Unlike Graduation degrees where the examination, announcement of result and award of degree are normally in the same year, in Ph.D., […]

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