How Much Job Search Advice should Recruitment Agencies give?

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Tweet How Much Job Search Advice should Recruitment Agencies give? Its an age old question for recruitment agencies, but How Much Job Search Advice should Recruitment Agencies give job seekers? It’s an even more pertinent question in these times of high unemployment, when simply job applicants out number the number of available jobs. But already […]

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IT Jobs board?

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Tweet IT jobs board? Chris, a systems analyst, asks: Do you know an IT job website that doesn’t involve going through employment or recruitment agencies? I am fed up of having to convince every agent I speak to that I can do the job – just want them to send off my Professional CV! In […]

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Why recruiters reject you!

- Job Application Rejection, recruiters, recruitment

Tweet Why recruiters reject you As a recruiter, it some times surprises me when job applicants and job seekers complain about being rejected by recruiters. They some how think that we are a personal service, and therefore should always care about them, by: Acknowledging their communication Always calling them on the telephone, no matter how […]

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Best CV = Lying?

- CV Examples, CV Help, CV Tips, CV Writing, how to make a cv, How to Write a CV, Job Application, job search, recruiters, recruitment

Tweet Best CV = Lying? When we are answering Job Application questions, either for clients or on forums, a significant number of them deal with what is the Best CV; and a second category deals with what is acceptable CV lying? A thought therefore occurred to me: are the Best CV’s written by Liars? Before […]

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Why PDF will get you employed over MSWord

- CV format, CV Help, cv security, Employment, Job Advert, Job Application, Job Vacancies, recruiters, recruitment

Tweet Why PDF will get you employed over MSWord Many job application systems these days are based online, and in the recruiter side of the employment business, technology has huge gains in efficiency and cost of operations. But there is one simple technology choice you can make in your job application which will mean you […]

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