How Much Job Search Advice should Recruitment Agencies give?

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Tweet How Much Job Search Advice should Recruitment Agencies give? Its an age old question for recruitment agencies, but How Much Job Search Advice should Recruitment Agencies give job seekers? It’s an even more pertinent question in these times of high unemployment, when simply job applicants out number the number of available jobs. But already […]

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Strikes v Negotiation: lesson for the job seeker

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Tweet Strikes v Negotiation: lessons for the job seeker Today’s UK public sector strikes about pension rights seem to have garnered some sympathy, but little solid support amongst the present generally down trodden and high taxed British public. We only have to look at the recent plethora of Administration announcements for the High Street to […]

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Recruitment Process

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Tweet Recruitment Process One of the questions I often ask job seekers when advising them, is do you understand the recruitment process? Often, they look at me quizzically, and think I must have gone mad. Why would they need to understand the recruitment process, it is the same at every company and anyway, the job […]

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