Do employers really need recruiters?

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Tweet Recruitment Emrah asks: Do employers really think recruiters know better who is the best choice for them, or are they actually looking for someone to blame when choices go wrong? In Answer: Employers who use recruiters for every recruitment exercise are probably those you don’t want to work for – low wages, high turnover, […]

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Interview tips – with a presentation….

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Tweet Interview photo credit: laverrue Jason asks: Following a successful application/CV, I am now looking forward to an interview tomorrow afternoon for a fund raising job. The structure of the interview from their letter is as follows: 2.55pm Arrive at reception for interview 3.00pm Interview begins 3.45pm Interview ends The first thing I have to […]

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Five reasons why you don’t need a recruiter…..

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Tweet Recruitment photo credit: kawanet Many employers, particularly in these days of the well connected internet and jobs boards such as Monster, Jobsite, etc; wonder why they need to employ a recruitment company? The answer is – you don’t. It’s a free market, and you just don’t need to – its really your choice. So […]

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Unprofessional sledgehammer to crack a nut……

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Tweet As an engineer, its a great time – lots of things which couldn’t be, now can be. But, as a business person and as a consumer/buyer, there are some things which just prove that often, even when something is possible, it really shouldn’t be taken to market – hence, the sledgehammer to crack a […]

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Web 2.0 and recruitment – its about the “hunt/find – and check!”

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Tweet Job Search I read this article this morning, and thought – “does he know what’s going on?” And then I thought – “Hmm: its just a piece of seminar fodder!” The reality of recruiters, and even employers using web 2.0 is – they already do. We just often at present don’t use it to […]

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