Employment and Cancer

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Tweet Employment and Cancer A few things in the world of employment are pretty clear right now, just by looking at the declining birth rate and the fact that in most western countries, there are more people over 40 than under 40. Hence, in a few years time, there won’t be enough people aged 18-21 […]

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Asked for Resignation Letter?

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Tweet Asked for Resignation Letter? Andrew, a skilled engineer, asks: I worked for a company for 4 years and was made redundant in a huge batch of redundancies. A couple of months later, the same company asked me to go back on a fixed term temporary contract. I’ve been back there 2 months and have […]

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Can you be sacked for looking for another job?

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Tweet Sacked Job Search photo credit: woodleywonderworks Rob asks: Can you be sacked for looking for another job? A friend of mine works nights and wants to go onto days as his wife is pregnant. His work wants him on nights and wont change anything for him so he has started to look for another […]

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UK Budget 2009 – from a jobs perspective

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Tweet UK Budget 2009 photo credit: ErrrLomoDeAtun Today, UK Chancellor Alastair Darling, presented his budget for 2009/2010, and projections forward, in a package he said would steer the UK through to recovery. The headlines were, according to the BBC: UK will have to borrow a record £175bn as he admitted the economy faces its worst […]

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I want to be an actor!

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Tweet I want to be an actress photo credit: Tammy Manet Rose asks: I want to be an actress in movies. I am 13 how can i get into a movie? I have had some experience in theatre? How do I get noticed? I have been on websites but they have not helped. I want […]

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