Any Job Will Do syndrome – how to cure it and get employed

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Tweet Job Search photo credit: lululemon athletica If during this economic turmoil – or for any other reason – you find yourself unemployed due to being made redundant or laid off, then my condolences and commiserations go out to you. You deserve so much better. However, I dare say I find you reading this, thinking: […]

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Quickest, easiest CV tip ever?

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Is this the quickest and easiest CV Tip ever? It could get you the job, it will mark you out as thoughtful and efficient

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Are you allowed to put your date of birth on your CV?

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Tweet Date of Birth Daniel asks: I am applying for new jobs at the moment, and have been told not to put my date of birth on there anymore as there is some new law about age discrimination? I don’t think my age will go against me so am I allowed to to leave my […]

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What do you think of a fancy/stylised CV/Resume?

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Tweet Teodor asks: How you are going to react if you see a CV which does not follow commonly accepted standards? What if the CV is edited in photoshop and has different structure? What do you think will be the reaction of such approach in different industries? In answer: It depends on what position you […]

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What’s the optimal CV/Resume length?

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Tweet CV Length photo credit: ximenacab Jeannie asks: What’s the optimal CV/Resume length for a long-tenured employee seeking a senior VP position in a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company? I’m not really in the career development field, but many of my clients ask me career related questions. Can you bring me into the loop? I assume […]

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