How can I secure that job?

- Job Interview, salary negotiation

Tweet How can I secure that job? You have worked hard and applied in all the right ways with the right Professional CV, and managed to obtain a job interview. having got so close after such a long time, your next question is: How can I secure that job? I see this all the time, […]

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Strikes v Negotiation: lesson for the job seeker

- job seeking, Recruitment Process, salary negotiation, tutorial

Tweet Strikes v Negotiation: lessons for the job seeker Today’s UK public sector strikes about pension rights seem to have garnered some sympathy, but little solid support amongst the present generally down trodden and high taxed British public. We only have to look at the recent plethora of Administration announcements for the High Street to […]

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Why package negotiation is like playing Tetris

- salary negotiation

Tweet Why package negotiation is like playing Tetris When I speak to job seekers or job applicants, and explain that although now they are the preferred candidate, the hardest work starts, they seem confused. The problem is that you are not employed in a new job until you have signed the contract of employment, and […]

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Wage negotiation: money v total package

- career coaching, economics, Employment, Professional CV, salary, salary negotiation

Tweet Wage negotiation: money v total package As it is coming up to Christmas – first mention of that word on this blog this year – I thought it would be a good idea to have a few “seasonal” blog entries. Some will be socially observational, some will be new years planning – but all […]

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Employment Agency offer

- economics, Employment, Job Advert, Job Application, Job Interview, Job Interview Questions, job search, salary, salary negotiation

Tweet Employment Agency offer Sharon asks: I saw an interesting permanent job online and applied for it. The agency gave me a call and asked me if the salary would be a problem. I said no but why? They say that they offered the job to another candidate and he refused it because of the […]

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