Social Media for Dummies: employment via donuts!

- Social Media

Tweet Social Media for Dummies: Employment via Donuts! We have been asked on a few occasions to recruit a “Social Media expert” by some recruitment clients, but so far as a recruitment agency we have not positioned – OK, failed – to do so. Why? Well, here’s my No.1 question on Social Media: does anyone […]

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Employment Klout?

- career change, Job Application, Social Media

Tweet Employment Klout? So, you want to get a job, and according to some new age hack writing from an Apple iPad in Silicon Valley, a number calculated by a three-year-old start-up corporation will affect your employability? Have you just lost a job according to your Klout score? The latest journalist to take a turn […]

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LinkedIn: CV/Resume Killer?

- CV Advice, CV Tips, Job Application, job hunting, LinkedIn, Social Media

Tweet LinkedIn: CV/Resume Killer? I have seen a lot of posts and commentary around recently saying that the CV/resume is dead, and long live your LinkedIn Profile. Now as a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, was I ever going to agree with this? Well yes, in part, but the simplistic headline doesn’t tell the whole […]

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Do you have a dead cat bounce network?

- Networking, Social Media

Tweet Do you have a dead cat bounce network? Every week for the past 36 months, someone has applied for a job or we have a job seeker who needs a Professional CV, and one of their core problems that leads them to our door is the fact that they have what I now call […]

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Google Plus and Job Search

- Google Plus, Job Application, job search, Social Media

Tweet Google Plus and Job Search There is a lot of talk about Google Plus at present, the new social media thing from Google that will – according to some – not only rival Facebook and Twitter, but eventually kill them. Resultantly, particularly when it has grown to the size/scale of Twitter in less than […]

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