Sovereign debt, politics and unemployment

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Tweet Sovereign debt, politics and unemployment As we build up to the 2010 UK general election in what now seems will be May or June, our politicians are already practising their hustings delivery. I am sure by the time we get to the ballot box in early summer, all will be fed up to the […]

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Investment Banking Pay

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Tweet Investment Banking Pay With the publication this week of the Walker Review, the issues which came to drag the global economy, and particularly the British economy, down into recession have been revisited by the media, particularly when Walker himself gives a huge pointed sign to them that they should. One of Walkers main conclusions […]

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Employment and the BNP

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Tweet Employment and the BNP This evening, BNP Leader Nick Griffin will take his place on the BBC’s political discussion programme Question Time. The decision by the BBC has proved highly controversial, with various politicians, Human Rights and equality groups, and media editors most often decrying the decision as legitimising the BNP; over the BBC’s […]

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Education, Education, Education?

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Tweet Education, Education, Education? It is clearly the start of the UK Political Parties conference season, and in the run up to an election in 2010 it is even more intense than usual. As a recruiter who focuses on employment, there are far too many subject lines to pick on to blog about this weekend: […]

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Mergers and Acquisitions = Job Losses

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Tweet Mergers and Acquisitions = Job Losses If you read this Sunday’s UK newspapers, then you will note that the editors are in turmoil as to what is the lead story. So diverse and unclear are the contenders, the BBC actually leads presently on its website with the headline: Product placement for TV approved As […]

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