Telephone Interview: salary question

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Tweet Telephone Interview: salary question Mike asks: I just completed a telephone interview, my first interview with that company. I was asked what my salary was in my previous position. I explained that I did not wish to disclose that at this time, but would be willing to discuss compensation should we move further along […]

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Telephone Interview Help!

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Tweet Telephone Interview Help! James asks: I need some guidance on what to say when I receive a phone call from a recruiter company or employment agency. Is there any specific guide for excellent telephone conversations from recruiters or employment agents? How do I handle the initial phone call that recruiter companies or agents make […]

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Telephone Interview Tips

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Tweet Telephone Interview Tips The Telephone Interview is the second most likely place a job seeker will be rejected in a job search. Having got through the CV sifting exercise successfully, and shown on paper that you have the required communication of skills, qualifications and experience, the job applicant now has to both prove that […]

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Telephone Interview

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Tweet Telephone Interview The telephone interview places three obstacles in front of the job seekers The challenge of questions A restrictive communications environment The need for clear communication and presentation is paramount Fail any of these challenges, and that ideal job becomes but a “thank you for your application” letter. How would you like to […]

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