UK Unemployment: an issue of immigration or education?

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Tweet UK Unemployment: an issue of immigration or education? The BBC had two excellent programmes shown last night, which addressed the key 2010 UK general Election issue of immigration. The first was Evans Davies programme on BBC1 titled The day the immigrants left; the second was BBC2’s Newsnight investigation into the Education Visa issue. The […]

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Poor work history

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Tweet Poor work history One of the more serious problems faced when seeking employment is that of poor work history, most commonly with either gaps or a succession of terminated/dismissed reasons. Termination or dismissal is easy to cope with in future job applications. The simple rules are: What does your reference say: if in doubt, […]

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Job Centre: tools or techniques, but no jobs

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Tweet Job Centre: tools or techniques, but no jobs Since the start of the recession, and climbing unemployment figures, the focus of the media has been on two key economic issues: How quickly are the unemployed numbers rising? When will the economic recession end? We know from past data and recessions, that the first won’t […]

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Unemployed Teacher

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Tweet Unemployed Teacher Claire asks: I’m unemployed and cant get a job. What do I do? I’m a teacher. I have two years temporary experience and due to cut backs in education have found it impossible to find anything. I’ve sent hundreds of CVs and driven to loads of schools. Starting to feel like rubbish […]

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Mergers and Acquisitions = Job Losses

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Tweet Mergers and Acquisitions = Job Losses If you read this Sunday’s UK newspapers, then you will note that the editors are in turmoil as to what is the lead story. So diverse and unclear are the contenders, the BBC actually leads presently on its website with the headline: Product placement for TV approved As […]

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