Too much employment opportunity?

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Tweet Too much employment opportunity? In these days of economic gloom, a barely recovering economy and up/down unemployment figures, we are used to job markets where there are too many job applicants, and too few jobs. But markets still do exist where there are lots of jobs; in fact, in these arkets there is Too […]

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Job Application: interface and handling

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Tweet Job Application: Interface and Handling While the internet tries to make Job Application easier, there’s an age old problem of the Employment Process that makes Job Application more difficult. What type of interface and handling are you dealing with? You may have made a few job applications, and you may be accepting of the […]

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10 things to check about your future employer

- career transition, Employer, Employment, Hiring Manager, Job Advert, Job Application, job hunting, job search

Tweet 10 things to check about your future employer When searching for a new job with your fresh new and Professional CV, do you ever checkout your potential future employer beyond noticing that they are advertising in your favourite jobs board? When you consider two key statistics, perhaps you need to do more than just […]

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CV Writing: what’s in a word?

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Tweet CV Writing: what’s in a word? In CV Writing, never is it more true that you need to watch your words and language. Not quite sure what I mean? Let me explain. As someone who has crossed the Atlantic more than enough times – at some point I have promised myself I will cross […]

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Job Application: trial period

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Tweet Job Application: trial period Claire, a job seeker, asks: Is this employer taking advantage of me? I gave my CV into a cafe to apply for a job as a waitress, and the next day she called me asking if I could come and work for a 2hr non-paid trial? The following day, I […]

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