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Thursday, August 14th, 2008 - CV Writing

Margaret asks: When citing the revenue of a company that you previously worked for on your CV/Resume, is it best to list current numbers or those relative to your tenure (assuming your role had nothing to do with making that number specifically)?

In answer:
If you had nothing to do with the number, why state it? Its irrelevant to you!

If you were responsible for a numbers delivery, always use those relevant during your tenure, not present or historical just to make you look better. Use words that make it clear it was “then an XMillion TO company in ABC sectors,” and by the time the person left a “then YMillion.” They are then the relevant numbers in the relevant context, as they relate to you. The relevant “when you were there” status should be applied to all things in a CV/Resume, from finances to staff and sectors, etc – other wise you are over or understating it for gain/impact.

If you still want to include the revenue figure as part of a company description, then use of numbers tends to suggest the company is small and not easily known, and present day data inclusion in the companies description could be argued easier to make it found for reference checking.

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