Coach potato to job applicant! The skills based format choice

Friday, August 8th, 2008 - CV Writing

Jacob asks: How to write my resume? I’ve tried to sound as “unimpressive” as possible, so I can assess the worst situation. Am currently 20 years old if that matter]

-First year of college, spent it running a business…..typical first real business, invested a little money, grew a bit, then died away. Did not attend many classes so failed out…[ I have started money making ventures in high school, but I won’t call them real businesses]
-I then completed an online degree….in less than half the supposed time frame. [unproductively used time]
-Instead of return to college, decided to start another company*. Yet, I’d like a job to cover my living expenses at first (eh…might as well work on someone else’s dollar, sorry).
I’ve made a few career mistakes and am aware of them, namely:
-Buying an online degree was a waste of a good year. Now it looks like I spent a year doing absolutely nothing. How can I make it so that it doesn’t look (as much) like I spent the last year doing absolutely nothing? I was taking like 14 courses a term…so didn’t have much spare time. I really regret it…but oh well, might as well figure out how to solve the problem instead of lamenting the past,
Please feel free to request more information and I’ll answer in real time either publicly or privately.
*Please spare trying to persuade me to return to college, I’d rather not waste your breath.

Many thanks!

In answer:
Don’t use a chronological format – as you can see, it doesn’t suit you or portray you as much more in the past year than a couch potato!

Use a skills based format, which lists your education and then in another section your skills/experience on a skill by skill format, as opposed to a date from/to format of the chronological type

You will also need one great cover letter. Focus that on what you want to do now to advance your career and why that company/job does it for you, over anything else.

Good Luck!

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