Commenting on your boss in an interview

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Commenting on your boss in an interview

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Priya asks: When you are interviewing for a position, and are asked about your previous manager ,why do you think the answer should always be a positive one?

In answer:
Simply – people like to hire people that are always a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. How this particular question is answered gives insight into how you perceive the world around you as an individual.

Employers, HR professionals and recruiters wants to know who you are, how do you behave and how do you react. It has to be with you and your mechanism for dealing with handling different stuff.

Interview answers

Regarding to your previous former boss, you should have learnt how to deal with this personĀ“s leadership. Bad mouthing your previous manager or even company does not put yourself in a good light – all you are doing is showing your immaturity.

A positive answer would be the one which involves great attitude towards people and work. Even if work environment or your former boss were nightmares. What did you do to fit in? How did you feel about it? Did your emotions interfere? Where was your focus? Bad mouthing your previous manager or even company does not put yourself in a good light.

A strong candidate is resilient and grows from feedback. While interviewing, I seek answers that demonstrate a candidate’s attitude toward past work experiences, how and what he/she learned from such experiences, and how he/she applies those lessons in later examples. Despite clueless, cranky, or even distant bosses, focusing on your individual development gained from these experiences is always positive.

It’s like that saying about making lemonade with the lemons life handed you… Most of us work with a variety of personalities and it’s best to learn from them all.

Good Luck!

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One Response to “Commenting on your boss in an interview”

  1. Alan Says:

    I was asked this in an interview recently, and fell up in the exact way you say. I wish I had this advice before, I will know better for next time – Thank You!

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