Cover Letter for Job

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Cover Letter for Job

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John, an unemployed internet professional, asks: How tailored should your Cover Letter be?

  1. Do you suggest each cover letter be written from scratch?
  2. Should you send the same cover letter for the same jobs (of course, change the company name and obvious details).
  3. Does your answer to 2) change if the job is a “hot” job versus survival employment?
  4. Do you suggest tailoring your resume specifically for each job (or is that over doing it)?

Of course, if we have all the time in the world, then it would be best to tailor everything. Assuming you are qualified for the job, what is a reasonable response rate for cover letters? Thank you!

In answer:
Hi John, I hope this finds you well.

Firstly, the fact you are unemployed and have been for a while, suggest that you need to change something about your approach to job application. Secondly, I guess this answers a question of mine: why are some people with good skill sets still unemployed: because they don’t know how to apply for jobs!

Cover Letters are just behind Professional CV’s in importance of what you put in your job application. The Cover Letter focuses the reader on what your key skills are for that job. Don’t include a Cover Letter, or just include a generic one, and expect to be rejected.

Cover Letter Tips

In specific answer to your questions:

  1. Yes, scratch. But, you can save time and improve your call back ratio if you write them to a formula focused around that job. See our site How To Write A Cover Letter for details on how to achieve this.
  2. NO, NEVER! Read the advert or even better the job description to npte the differences in what at first glance may seem the same job.
  3. No! Just pick the jobs you really want, rather than just applying for Any Job Will Do! If you don’t have enthusiasm for the job, it is as plain as daylight to the employer
  4. Yes. Refocus the personal statement, and order in which your skills appear in each position.

If you don’t focus on that employer, and think you really will like that job, then they will reject you – it really is that simple.

Good Luck!


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