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CV Advice

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When job seekers look for CV Advice, what are they looking for and where should they look?

Most often, they are seeking CV Advice on How to Write a CV, or secondly seeking advice on why their CV Writing is not gaining the right number of job interviews, and hence job offers.

These two pieces of CV Advice are diverse, and hence we will tackle this in two different sections.

CV Advice: writing

Before writing your CV, you should understand the need to fully write down:

  • Your skills, qualifications and experiences
  • What you want to do next, and why this is a logical career move

If you can not figure these two issues out, then don’t expect employers to do this for you; or if you do, expect a high rejection ratio. Positioning is key to employment

Having figured this out, then look at creating next some STAR based CV Stories. Employers like to engage with those who create results, so focus not like many on what the jobs duties were, but what the results of your doing the job were:

  • For business/commercial positions: focus on (in preference order) £/$, profit, strategy/advantage, efficiency, time gained, people
  • For social enterprises: focus on people engaged, initiatives deployed, messages communicated

Now you have the basic filling ingredients, its is now an issue of communication in CV Layout. The two basics choices are:

  • Chronological
  • Skills based

Skills based CV Layouts are only used to day when you are undertaking a career change form one sector to another, such as from the commercial sector to teaching. The majority of other modern CV’s are a mixture between Chronological and skills based, in the layout order of:

  • Opening/Personal statement – filled by the focus of what you want to do
  • Keywords/Core skills – focused on the job you are applying for, listing your appropriate skills
  • Reverse order employment Chronology – filled by your CV Stories

There is no needs for a CV Interests section, unless these add to your skills for this job application, eg: job asks for managerial skills, you presently hold a lower position but captain the local football team

CV Advice: help

Now you have a CV, make sure that you ask for some CV help. Before sending it out to employers and recruiters, ask at least three friends – one of whom should be a woman – to review your CV. You could also use our own Free CV Review service. Don’t take this CV Advice or critic too harshly: its not aimed at you, its aimed at the way the CV communicates you and your skills, and their suitability for a job. take the advice on board, listen to the balance, and make the necessary adjustments.

CV Advice: job application

There are some key tactics you should employ when seeking work, and why many end up with higher job application rejection ratios than they should have

  • avoid applying online via job boards: it is easier to reject a person over an eMail
  • choose employers over recruiters: they have wider requirements and will see potential as well as employability
  • make sure you have the exact skills required, and check this: or you will be rejected!

Accepting that the number of job applicants is higher for every position than in less recessionary times, the basic statistics of being rejected remain constant:

  • one third are rejected because they don’t have the required skills, experiences and qualifications
  • one third are rejected because they don’t communicate their suitability in their CV
  • one third apply in the wrong way

While many focus on their CV and their interview skills, the problems in job application and hence providing CV Advice are multiplied at least two fold by poor jobs election and poor application skills.

Good Luck!


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