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David asks: Will CV’s and resumes be obsolete in 5 years? I don’t have a CV, and I will never have one again. 99% of my business comes via business connections and referrals, or via networks. Anyone who wants my history can look it up online via a simple Google search. There are now numerous executive listing sites that actively solicit you to create a profile/bio similar to LinkedIn. I have had recruiters call me after seeing my profile on LinkedIn, only to then ask me for a CV. I don’t have one, but that’s probably because I am not actively in the job hunters market. I can see the value of a well crafted CV for job seekers. But down the road, will we still be using and requiring CV/resumes? Is a profile on LinkedIn the modern version of yesterday’s resume? Is it efficient to still print a piece of paper and mail it to someone?

In answer:
No, they won’t be. I have thought about this a great deal before publicising Professional CV Writing business, but as a recruiter the answer is no.

A CV/resume is a fact based focused sales document – no more, and no less. Whether its paper based or electronic makes no difference, it is still a fact based focused sales document.

Hence, is a LinkedIn profile or a VisualCV a CV/resume? No, as most give their “full from school to present” employment history. If you are applying for a job, almost everything which is older than five years is irrelevant as far as an HR Professional is concerned: a CV/resume wouldn’t include it, an online profile would as part of its purpose is networking.

Personal Profile

What these various online tools do allow is better background checking of applicants, or for sales people easier finding of key decision makers. One downside of all these tools is personal brand consistency, but they are not CV/resumes.

I therefore suggest that your question is probably headline loaded, where as the real issue you are seeing is that of personal profile – a now constant issue for all business people, let alone job applicants.

The form may change going forward, much as the letter is now replaced or supplemented by the eMail; but the CV/resume is here to stay.

Good Luck!

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