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CV Template UK

Many job seekers look for CV Templates from which they can:

  1. Copy and follow the given layout
  2. Get a guide as to what to write in their own Professional CV

However, what surprises me as a Recruiter and Professional CV Writer, is the number of people searching for CV Templates UK, who are actually getting and hence following formats written for other locations.

UK CV Template?

First question in fidning a UK CV Template: is is there a UK CV Standard? Answer, that will be a no!

In the United States and most of North America, they have in-profession standards for writing what they term a Resume. There are actually competing bodies underwriting standards and training to the same Certified Professional Resume Writers level, including the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches, the National Resume Writers Association and Career Directors.

In mainland Europe, many could have guessed that there would be a Brussels defined system! The EuroPass CV is a defined layout, which is as suspected a bit of the best practise of each participating countries format (not the UK), which then ends up in a mix. It’s the “camel solution to a horse deisgned by a committee” outcome, the most obvious sign of which is passport style photograph top left of sheet one, and fonts selected from an option of three. If they had aimed to create something less engaging and boring, I don’t think that they could have done better. But at least its a standard.

Basic CV Template UK

In the UK we have no defined CV Standard, and therefore no Basic CV Template. It’s a case of what works, a standard defined by:

  • You the job seeker
  • The people you ask for input/feedback
  • What your boss likes/dislikes

So hence, when you tap the words CV Templte UK into your favourite search engine, what results do you get? Simply its a mix of:

  • Mostly North American Resume standard
  • A limited amount of EuroPass CV
  • A lot of what many so called “experts” consider best practise

This leads to confusion amongst job seekers, and resultantly a lot of bad CV’s being created – many of them ending up on my desk as a recruiter!

CV Template Layout UK

Lets try hence and help you, the UK job seeker, by creating a basic CV Template Layour for the UK. Accepting that there are no UK standards – and that we have covered CV Writing Basics before – here’s my guide as an operational manager of 20+ years, and a UK based recruiter:

  1. Your details: include your name, address, phone numbers and email address so any interested employers can contact you easily. Be aware of personal security, and make sure the details are included on every page
  2. Personal statement: one paragraph that immediately captures the attention of your reader and entices them to find out more about you. Be careful not to cram too much in, and no Generic words/statements. Instead take your main skill and relate it to the job you’re after to show employers why you meet their needs.
  3. Work experience: list chronologically your most recent position first, continuing in reverse chronological order including the name, location, and dates of your employment for each company. After a short summary paragraph, aim to use bullet points wherever possible to highlight your responsibilities and achievements in each role so the person scanning your CV can quickly match up your experience with their job description.
  4. Education: in reverse chronological order, give brief details of your academic and professional qualifications along with the grades you achieved. If you’re looking for your first job since leaving education, include this information above any work experience.
  5. Skills: whether you realise it or not you will have picked up many skills over the years, some tangible, some less so. Include every IT package or programme you have used as well as any foreign language skills you have gained, and state whether you’re at a basic, intermediate or advanced level. Skills such as communication and project management are harder to substantiate and should be backed up with examples.
  6. Hobbies & Interests: including these is optional and often used to fill up space at the end to make a 2page CV. Don’t make this basic mistake, and only include if it shows additional skills or competencies which your work record does not. If you do insert, the idea is to give the interviewer a more rounded picture and, perhaps, something more personal to discuss at an interview.
  7. References: it is unwise and not necessary to list referees on your CV, but you should state that details are available on request. If this is your first job, it’s a good idea to nominate tutors or mentors. You’ll obviously need to choose references that you’re confident will give positive remarks, but you should also make sure they would be easily contactable by potential employers when the time comes.
  8. A clear and simple layout: always keep your CV to two pages of A4. It should be clear to anyone reading your CV where to find the information they’re looking for, with enough ‘white space’ to ensure they’re not overawed at first glance.

Over the next few weeks, we will critic a few “popular” CV templates to help you get employed quicker.

Good Luck!


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