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CV Writing

The following sections may be useful to include in your CV, if they help you to highlight positive points.

Positions of responsibility/achievements:

Employers tend to like this section. It shows you are willing to take on new ventures and manage other activities, as well as study for a degree.

Achievements could include:

  • Student representative
  • Secretary of Chemical Engineering Society

Don’t just give the name of the role. Say what it involved¬†– eg organised social events, chaired meetings, etc.


This section gives employers a broader view of you. No need to list down everything that you have done school, BUT People employ People and they really want to confirm that you do have a life outside work and are socially connected to the human race.

Your interests can say positive things about you. They can provide further evidence of soft skills, such as teamwork Рeg if you belong to a sports team.

Many employers look for a balance of interest. Try to include both quieter / individual pursuits and active / group activities.

Avoid bland, general statements. Be specific. Eg:

  • Avoid “I enjoy watching films”
  • Use “I enjoy attending film festivals, such as the Commonwealth Film Festival in Manchester.”

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